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Books by Louise Wisechild

             The Obsidian Mirror
The Obsidian Mirror: An Adult Healing from Incest, 4th edition

The Obsidian Mirror  tells the affirming and inspiring story of the author’s journey to confront and to heal from childhood sexual abuse. Through the use of inner characters ---- a critical judge, an adolescent rebel, scared and needy inner children and an evolving nurturer, Wisechild illustrates the effects of abuse and her ongoing process of healing.  With the support of friends, counselors, and her own work with creativity and body/mind therapies, Wisechild carries the reader with her on her journey from fear and grief to rage and personal empowerment.  In print for over 30 years, The Obsidian Mirror is A classic in the literature on sexual abuse and healing.  Foreword by Laura Davis, author of The Courage to Heal.

The tale is compelling, frightening and powerful....Wisechild's graphic, biting, funny, painful chronicle of her journey to health and self-love is also a singular literary achievement." ~ Publishers Weekly

"Well written, emotionally involving, unsparingly detailed, and mature in self-understanding." ~ San Francisco Bay Times

“Louise Wisechild was one of the first writers to graphically depict her incest story and frame it as a journey of healing. Statistics suggest that one-third of all women experienced some form of sexual abuse as children. As a model for collective healing and storytelling, The Obsidian Mirror remains one of the best literary companions available.” ~ Editorial Review


Learn more about my book and the project to translate The Obsidian Mirror into Spanish.

The Mother I Carry: Healing from Emotional Abuse, 3rd edition

In The Mother I Carry, Wisechild, again eloquently explores her childhood and her journey to heal, this time focusing on her relationship with her mother. Wisechild moves between her present life and her childhood memories to uncover her own emotional development at different ages beginning with infancy.  Using therapy, creative expression, inner voices and bodywork, Wisechild shares her journey of change and personal empowerment.  An eloquent and moving book for those wanting to explore their relationship with their mothers and also for those who want to better understand child development, emotional abuse and healing.

“Louise Wisechild’s The Mother I Carry is an honest and moving account of the destructive impact of emotional abuse, as well as a hopeful and creative sharing of her healing journey.  Realistic, inspiring and life-affirming.”      Ellen Bass, co-author, The Courage to Heal

  “This is a healing book for women with mother wounds and incest wounds.  ...A must for becoming whole and self-affirming.”  Z Budapest , author, The Grandmother of Time

She Who Was Lost Is Remembered: Healing from Incest through Art


Over thirty women artists, writers, musicians, playwrights and poets have joined together in this anthology to tell the story of sexual abuse at the hands of family members and how they used creativity to mend their spirits and their bodies. With clay, wood, paint and words these women show the tremendous power of art to express the unspeakable and to re-member and make whole again.

I"Bravo!  This book makes me happy.  To grab our own darkness and howl with it carries us a long way into the light.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  This is an important book."  Natalie Goldberg, author of Wild Mind

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