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Louise Wisechild 
 Songs for a Challenged World 

I believe that music can cast a spell which transcends divisions, calls out our shared heart and inspires us to be generous, bold, strong and persistent in creating a life-affirming world.

New Release

Flood's Gonna Come

My newest single, Flood's Gonna Come, written with the amazing Andy Evans is coming this Friday, April 21st. the day before Earth Day, April 22nd. 

I remember the first Earth Day, with the warning that the earth was dangerously out of balance due to human activity. I was in high school and Jimmy Carter was President and there was action. Solar panels on the White House: compact, fuel efficient cars took the roads, the EPA was born as well as the first laws to protect clean air and water. Then came Reagan, SUVs, oil company cover-ups, deregulation and it's toxic chemicals.

Until now, over 50 years later, the UN has released its most urgent report demanding real change.

Flood's Gonna Come imagines earth-destroying extractive industries swept away by a human flood 

"Feel the power when we flow together

Now’s the hour, now’s the hour…”✊


                 Promised Land

PROMISED LAND, co-written with the awesome Paul Hoad,was inspired in part by my visits to my hometown of Seattle where I was shocked and deeply grieved  by the sight of so many homeless people in the shadows of the opulent office buildings and upscale restaurants....The lines from another song,"There but for fortune, go you or I." kept coming back to me.  It could be me or you, defeated by the unexpected losses that defy springing back against the callous indifference of wealth. 

Lullaby for My Friends: In honor of friendship

Song from the Unwanted is a bluesy/folk pro-choice ballad which gives voice to the unwanted unborn and the many reasons women must be free to choose when and if they give birth.

I'm Electric Acoustic is a chill guitar remix of the original Roots Reggae version for a more sensuous vibe.  Let me know which you like better.

Buzzing Bees (A Song for Earthlings) co-written with the talented guitarist Andy Evans is about our identities and our potential to be at home with all Earthlings.  



A sensuous song about energy, attraction, power and desire, co-created with Tim Howarth,

Come Back Alice,  co-written with Andy Evans, tells the story of a friend lost to to the rabbit hole of QAnon conspiracy theories using the characters from Alice in Wonderland..y.
If only the struggle for democracy and a healthy planet captured our imaginations with such dedication....Guess that's up to us.

El Espíritu de la Gente  (The Spirit of the People), co-written with Tim Howarth, is both a heartfelt lament for the toll capitalism exacts on daily life and a call to celebrate the power of the human spirit and the road to healing


Dancing to Guantanamera , co-written with Paul Hoad, is about romancing and dancing with ourselves, using the precious time of aloneness to move for the pleasure of our own dance .
Loving the earth and her peoples includes celebrating our own unique beauty and movement!



Thanks for stopping by and listening to my music.  Your support enables me to continue to create meaningful, relevant music.

And if you see my music on other streaming services, please like and subscribe.  I now have over 65,000 streams on Spotify!


Songs for a Challenged World

Original folk songs For the People, in the tradition of Dylan, Baez, Joni Mitchell and Violetta Parra.  Singing of inclusion, human potential, love, politics and hope.

Louise Wisechild is a singer/songwriter and a global citizen.

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