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Tarot Consultation
Insightful ~ Clear ~ Empowering

The twenty-two major arcana cards speak to the cosmic significance of our lives, the archetypes we live and the significant transitions we undertake.  The fifty-six cards of the minor arcana offer insight into the daily process of life, the issues of our minds, feelings, identities and our interaction with the material world.  Tarot readings can provide an over-view of our life and a useful clue to our near future as well as assist us in examining various options, relationships, and challenges that we face in our lives.

A tarot consultation is an opportunity to explore options in the present, to gain understanding of a past situation and/or to understand trends , talents and choices in the upcoming year.


  • Past.  Present. Future.

  • Relationships

  • Career

  • Personal Growth

  • Travel

  • Creative Projects

  • Choices

  • Year overview


Readings can illuminate choices, identify strengths and challenges and suggest ways to take advantage of good fortune and options for approaching challenges. Choice gives us the power to create the future.

While some tarot readers simply read the meaning of cards from a guide book and others focus on a single card, Louise's unique readings draw on the relationships between the cards, offering a more nuanced, accurate and empowering consultation.  


Louise Wisechild has been a professional tarot reader for over 35 years offering private as well as group readings.  She began using the tarot for her own personal and creative growth and then began gifting readings for friends for on their birthdays.  Her friends subsequently encouraged her to read professionally due to the accuracy and insight in her readings. Louise's experiences as a writer, therapist, bodyworker and workshop leader helped develop her intuition and her clear, respectful and empowering style of communication.  

Tarot consultations are available through zoom, Skype or Messenger.

$65/hr.   One hour minimum


*special discount for in-person readings in San Pedro la Laguna

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