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Creative Life Coaching

Mural,  San Pedro La Laguna

    Creative Coaching combines

~ Body-mind Integration
~ Creative Expression
~ Conscious Communication
~ Inner Voice Dialogue

For Focused Personal Growth & Empowerment

Creative Coaching offers a respectful, experienced, client-centered approach via                                          Zoom, Messenger or WhatsApp

Useful for:
~ Childhood trauma survivors

~ Creative Artists
~ Small Business Owners
~ Life Transitions

~Professional Consultation for Therapists and Bodyworkers

Interested in Creative Coaching?

Thanks for Getting in Touch.     

 Louise has a PhD in Creative Arts and Communication as well as over 30 years experience in private counseling practice, in leading workshops on healing from childhood trauma as well as giving numerous professional trainings on body/mind therapy.  She is the author of two highly regarded memoirs on healing from sexual and emotional abuse and is the editor of an anthology on healing from incest through art.   An active creative artist, Louise is a professional singer/songwriter, writer, jewelry maker and small business owner.  She has lived in Central America for ten years.

Louise Wisechild
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