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🧚‍♂️ Happy Spring from Louise 🧚‍♂️

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Dear Friends,

Happy Spring from Guatemala, known as "the land of eternal spring,"

where we are awaiting the rainy season!

I wanted to let you know that I 'm releasing my fifth single, "Buzzing Bees (A Song for Earthlings) available Apr. 8th! It's a song about identities and potential and seeing ourselves as part of a greater whole. And in fact, we are dependent on bees, the great pollinator among earthlings.

In nearby San Juan la Laguna, there is a bee tour at Mundo Abejas Maya, complete with a giant sculpture of a bee hive and bees as well as working bee hives, set in a garden complete with towering sunflowers. There I saw the familiar honey bees of my childhood, dutifully delivering delicious local honeys. But I also, for the first time, Ilearned of the indigenous Maya honey bees. Though I have been here for ten years, I did not know that those barely visible, non-stinging insects buzzing my flowers were bees! Their hives produce only 1/2 liter of honey a year which is highly prized for its medicinal value. Clearly, we earthlings come in all sizes.

A few other musical notes 🎶🎶🎶

It is now possible to Buy my Music 😻! Bandcamp is a platform designed to allow musicians to make money from their music in our digital, streaming world. My tracks are available for $1 each which includes streaming access and a high quality downloadable recording and easy access to the lyrics. Buyers also receive notice of new releases and there is an option to show support by paying more.

And I now have over 3,000 streams on Spotify! 🥳. I am delighted that my music is gaining a wider audience. Thanks to all of you who like, share and subscribe to my music on social media. Please keep it up!

May the honey bees grace your flowers and the spring rains bring your seeds to life.

Love and Light,


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