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Singing Into 2022

Happy New Year dear friends

Warm greetings to you from Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

I hope you are settling into 2022. Personally it seems like I've needed the entire month of January to get into the 2022 swing.! So happy new February!

As some of you know, I have been working in international collaboration with other professional songwriters, artists and producers..I released three progressive folk/indie singles in 2021 and have six more lined up for this year! But it is not just composing in my hammock by the lake. There is never ending new learning of craft, of the wonders of technology and music and the intricacies of the music business. I know new learning is good for the brain, but the challenge of being an indie musician can be mind boggling.

So it is a good thing that I am electric. (And you are too!)

Introducing my steamy, brand new release, I'm Electric, co-written with the talented Tim Howarth who added the cool Roots Reggae vibe. Our electronic devices are not the only parts of our lives which need to be charged up and turned on! Check it out!

It does help my music reach more people if you like, subscribe and share when you spot my songs on social media and is much appreciated. If you are in the US, Pandora, YouTube, Apple and iTunes are good alternatives to Spotify.

As an indépendant artist, I love writing and singing, I enjoy learning video and music production which are an increasingly important part of being an indie artist. At the same time, promotion and its time-gobbling and costly mysteries are the downside. To free me to create more songs and retain my sanity, I am raising funds to hire marketing assistance through Ko-fi, a crowdsourcing site for creative artists. Supporters will get cool extra stuff from me too!

Mayan ceremonies begin and end with offering sugar to the fire, for "the sweetness of life." May your days be sprinkled with the moments of sudden sweet awe which lift us up and bring us gratefully present.

Cuídate mucho, Louise

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